How to Calm Your Child Before Their First Dental Visit

Planning on taking your child for their very first visit to the dentist? You might know that this is only for the good of their teeth and the healthy development of their smile, but they don’t know that just yet. This is why, if your child is experiencing some pre-dental appointment anxiety, you know a few ways you can calm them of the jitters.

It is no surprise for a child to be nervous before going to the dentist. After all, there are even some adults out there who still get nervous before a visit to the dentist! However, helping your child develop a natural trust for the dentist early on will help them feel more comfortable if bigger procedures come up in the future, like extractions or braces.

Fun Tips

You might think it is going to be a nightmare to try to get your child accustomed to visiting the dentist, but with a few simple tips, you will find that it can actually be fairly simple to help your child build up a trust and tolerance for the dentist’s office.

First off, consider taking your child with you on one of your appointments. This is a good way to give them a sort of sneak peek at what the dentist’s office will look like, and they will be able to see that it is not so bad.

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Consider making a game of it. You can take turns playing a dentist game with your child, where one of you pretends to be a dentist and the other pretends to be a dental patient. This can be a fun way to get your kid excited about the dentist, and then you can always say “Remember this game?” to your child when you go to the real dentist’s office!

Make sure you don’t rush into appointments. Book appointments ahead of time so that your child knows one is coming up and can prepare for it mentally. This is especially true if this is going to be your child’s first ever dentist visit.

When the time is right, you can take your child to see a pediatric dentist tacoma who will be gentle and patient with your child, helping them see that dentists are nothing to be afraid of.