Three Types Of Dental Implants Showcased

There are a few but these will be the primary types for now. The three types of dental implants houston practitioners will be utilizing are known as endosteal, subperiosteal, and zygomatic. The first type is believed to be the safest and is commonly used. In the latter case, it is a complex procedure and is not often used. Endosteal implants require patients to have existing healthy jawbones to which posts can be fused.

types of dental implants houston

But subperiosteal implants are not fixed to the jaw. These rest on top of the bone, but will still be under the gum. Finally, the complex zygomatic alternative, rarely used, will be considered when the patient does not have enough or appropriate jawbone to use. Would you believe that in this case, the orthodontist has to place this implant in the patient’s cheekbone? It does sound complicated, alright. 

Placeholder posts will be placed into the jaw where dentures will be fitted. But once the placements are made, very little healing time is required. The healing time sees to a process of fusion and creating a stronghold. After the healing is completed, the dentures are placed onto the post to be fit with surrounding teeth. The subperiosteal implant makes use of a metal frame. It is placed under the gum whereby the post will be attached.

Healing time will of course also be required here.  Note that subperiosteal implants will also be considered if the patient is uncomfortable or too sensitive to face complex surgical procedures. Note that in pretty much all the cases, the surgery will be performed by a specialist oral surgeon and not by a practicing dentist, nor even an orthodontist. But these two practitioners will of course be carrying out the initial dental exams.